Winning the Area H3 Contests

Transformers Toastmasters Club hosted the Area H3 combined International Prepared Speech Contest, Evaluation Contest and Impromptu Contest on Monday, 23 April. Those who attended were privileged to hear 5 excellent prepared speeches as well as an excellent demonstration speech for the Evaluation Contest. The evaluations that were given were very educational, showing what can be said of a well delivered speech. The impromptu speeches were entertaining.But, at the end of the day a contest is about winning. Our Mary Byrne walked away with a first place in the International Prepared Speech with her speech outlining the risks of Fracking (Hydraulic Fracturing of shale rock to extract natural gas) in the Karoo and a first place in the Impromptu Contest with her speech on the topic “race” about her cat’s favourite pastime of playing tag, which has become more difficult now that they have moved to a house with parquet flooring. Ryan Ebedes came second in the Evaluation Contest.

The full results for the Area are: 

International Prepared Contest: 1: Mary Byrne (Transformers) 2: Michael Neale (Hatch) 3: Debbie Bowyer (Nedbank)

Impromptu contest:1: Mary Byrne (Transformers) 2: Peter Barker (Golden Gavel Advanced)

Evaluation Contest:1: Peter Barker (Golden Gavel Advanced) 2: Ryan Ebedes  (Transformers) 3: Paul Kluge (Hatch)

Some of the Area H3 contestants flanking Mary Byrne

In the photo from left to right: Michael Neale; Debbie Bowyer; Peter Barker; Mary Byrne; Paul Kluge; Precious Mathe; Struan Roberts and Vinu Nair