Meeting #619

Meeting #619

23rd January 2012

Theme: The Year of the Dragon

A good turnout for a packed programme.

Toast of the Evening:

Glenice regaled us with a tale of discarded seeds in a compost heap which manifested into a beautiful Gem squash plant. She showed us a specimen from this growth. The toast was to “Home Gardens”.

John-Peter replied and explained how home gardens can contribute to peace in the world.

The word of the evening was “Propitiate”.

Prepared Speeches

We were privileged to hear 5 speeches this evening.

Sriram             A Tale of Three Cities                        (CC2)

Sriram explained how three different cities influenced his life:

Chenai:            A city of 9 million people where old and new exist in juxtaposition beside the second longest beach in the world. This is where he had his first job and learned to take responsibility.

Muscat:           Capital of the Sultanate of Oman between the mountains and the Arabian Sea. He arrived there in 2003. Oil and tourism provide financial security which is now augmented by making most Bollywood movies there due to the spectacular scenery.

Johannesburg: He arrived in Joburg during the World cup and was engulfed in the fever. He loves the ability to commune with nature but hates the traffic!

Len                  Computer Catastrophes       (CC2)

Len warned us of scam e-mails and the four principles to keep safe

                                            Stay up to date:           Make sure you have virus detection software and that it updates automatically

Good Lock:     Put passwords on everything. Make it as complex as possible

Be suspicious:  Check everything. If it looks suspicious it [probably is.

Good Backup Plan:      Ask yourself – can you afford to lose your data? Keep backups!

Sumari            How to turn anyone into a friend   (CC5)

Sumari explained how she overcame shyness after reading a book called “ How to talk to Anyone” and gave us three tips which she found very useful:

A flooding smile:         Do not have a fleeting smile – make it all encompassing. Make people feel special.

Sticky Eyes:                  Imagine that your eyes are glued to the other person as if with sticky toffee. Do not let it wander!

Hallo Old Friend:         Let only feelings of warmth. Compassion, friendliness come through.

Keith               Dead London (ADV)

Keith was speaking from the Interpretative Reading manual and had to read a story. He chose an excerpt from H.G.Wells “The war of the Worlds”.

He took us on a journey through a devasted London covered in black dust, littered with dead carcasses and overturned busses, where the only sound was the eerie howling of “OOO –LA”

Rod     The Pleasure of Books           (ADV)

Also from the Interpretative Reading Manual, Rod brought us the wisdom of William Lyon Phelps (D 1943) regarding having your own books. In this age of electronic books it was most relevant. The recommendation is to start early and continue throughout your life. Display your books proudly – not behind glass. Consider borrowed books as a guest in your home and treat it accordingly. A house hold of books is like being surrounded by intimate friends.

Educational Session: Keelan Naidoo “What motivates People”

Keelan spoke of the dearth of leadership skills in the workplace today and how the Toastmasters program can provide those necessary abilities. He outlined how the various roles, from Sergeant to President can allow the Toastmaster to gain such leadership knowledge and skills and transform them from the Club environment to the workplace.

Due to 5 speeches and an educational session there was no Impromptu session this evening.



Matthys was very generous with us this evening and concentrated on the good uses of the English language and highlighted the many vivid word pictures that the speakers used.  


Best Evaluator:                        Lynne

Best Contribution                    Mary

Most Improved Speaker         Sumari

Best Speaker                           Sriram

Best Impromptu                      Not awarded