Survivor 2011

Survivor 2011


On Monday 11th July Transformers held its Survivor Spectacular evening.

We had over 20 guests from various Toastmaster clubs who came to challenge our members on being the best impromptu speakers.

Round 1: 16 contestants had to survive an impromptu Powerpoint presentation. the topics were there for those who found them but included such diverse aspects as Flying / Pirates / Egypt / Horses / Mice / Snow / Parrots / Love / Lotto / Sharks / Dinosaurs

Round 2: 7 contestants survived to select their topic from a bowl which gave them an allocated sound bite to which they had to respond with emphasis on Vocal Variety and Body Language.

Topics included Gardening / Casablanca / Weather / Politics / Physics / Spiders

It came down to the final round

3 contestants left in the competition

Each contestant had to pick a slip from 3 bowls for Challenge situation / Helpful Pet / Antagonist

Keith : Raging River / Parrot / Mamba

Ann : Cliff Face / Hamster / Cannibal

Amanda: Impenetrable forest / Monkey / Man eating lion



3rd Place Keith  - Transformers TM

2nd Place: Amanda  - Bedfordview TM

1st Place Ann - BedfordviewTM

Congratulations to Ann who survived to take the ultimate prize (bottle of Amarula!)

Survivor takes impromptu speaking to a new level. Only the best survive!