Club Officers will be asking themselves this question again before the second round of Club Officer Training (COTii) on the 26th January (in South Africa):  what is the return on my investment of a Saturday morning?

Firstly, from a Toastmasters point of view:

  • -An exchange of ideas with other Club Officers
  • -A chance to learn something or refresh your memory about aspects of your role in the Club
  • -An opportunity to pass on some knowledge that you have gained to other Officers who are newer in the role
  • -Update yourself about District 74 and Toastmasters International
  • -Renewing contacts and friendships

Secondly and most importantly, COT is another opportunity for personal growth and a honing of the skills you need and use in your working life. It is about managing the job which embraces the following factors:

  • -Planning - not just for the next meeting but for the rest of this year and for the next as well.  Surely you want to leave a firm foundation for your successor.
  • -Organising - after the plan has been set you organise for action, not just yourself but the other members who will be helping or achieving.
  • -Motivating - the members of your team, committee and other members.
  • -Measuring - during the planning and organising phases you set objectives which are achievable but with a stretch factor, measurable and with a time-line.
  • -Educating - every manager (and yes, you are the manager) should ensure that the team is trained, updated and communicated with.
  • -Developing - the best managers ensure that they develop their people, and naturally their successors, because the reward is not just the satisfaction of a job well done but also the satisfaction in the advancement of those around you.

So, the return on the investment of your 5 hours for COT is more than you will get at current interest rates.

(As the VPE of Transformers Toastmasters Club I suggest that this training is excellent for anyone considering becoming a Club Officer in July next year. It will provide you with a completely new perspective of the organisation of which you are a member. ~ John-Peter Gernaat)