Transformers promotes to Ellen Forbes Trust

"The Ellen Foundation is a Non Profit Organisation, currently running a Youth Self Improvement Program. We have 15 young women, between the ages of 18 – 29, who would like to join Toastmasters, to gain experience in public speaking": read the email from Heidi Forbes, Managing Director, Heidi Forbes (Pty) Ltd and Founder and Managing Director, The Ellen Forbes Foundation.

It was an invitation to promote Toastmasters to these your people on last Saturday afternoon (28th August). We immediately accepted the invitation and invited Heidi to come along with her members to our club meeting. Two delightful and confident your ladies joined us on 16th August. Mary Byrne, Club President, and I met with an enthusiastic group of young people – one young man present – on Saturday to present the Toastmasters Programmes and deliver a demonstration speech. One of the ladies who had joined our meeting as a guest was able to stand up and tell her peers how something she had experienced at our meeting had revolutionised a speech she was required to give a few days later.

We look forward to welcoming these young people as guests and hopefully as members soon.