The Roots of Eco-Gardening

Monday's meeting took on an air of freshness as our Toastmaster for the evening, Glenice took us through the history of eco-gardening and current trends. A fascinating evening ensued as one after the other, toasters and speakers, incorporated some form of eco reference to fit in with the theme.

John gave us a toast to greening our roofs, and showed three images of distinctly different roofs which had various plant species growing on them.
One of them included a full grown tree - how's that for a roof over your head!

Ryan's word of the evening had everyone in a spin - it was, debatably, the longest recognised word in the dictionary, with 45 letters, and referred to a lung disease caused by silica inhalation. The word? Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis. Try saying that 10 times fast - let alone incorporating it into your speech. But whilst some referred indirectly to it's usage, Rod Ruth and Glenice managed to fit in, and thus can now claim to have used (appropriately) the longest word around.

The first speech of the evening was enlightening, humorous and was also a CC1!
Jim Powell gave his Ice Breaker to the group and highlighted some of the highs and lows in his life. Perhaps one of the funniest moments was finding out that he only questioned where South Africa was - once he was half way in the air!
It was well thought out, and had the audience captivated - more great things are expected in his upcoming CC's.
Ruth repeated her Demo speech from a few days back, on stress and stress management. The slides that accompanied her presentation provided all the humour required to relieve us all of any stresses we may have had, and she appropriately finished with a flower - yes, always take time out to stop and smell the roses.

Jerry gave a 15 minute speech of wonder. Clearly a huge amount of preparation had gone into it, and he regaled his audience with humour that was distinctly himself. Guests visitors and members leaned forward trying to ensure they did not miss out on any of the subtle references he was making, and when he shook his "imshumi-wam" to finish, it was clear he had won best speaker of the evening.

Forestry in South Africa

Keith once again brought the projector into play and gave a presentation on sawmill logging in South Africa. How many times do we get to listen to the intricacies of this industry?
To have it presented to us by one of our most experienced members was a delight.

A short recess was followed by Rod taking control of Table Topics, and asking participants to tell us how they would grow and nurture and harvest and utilize two green items of produce.
Ryan, John, and Ruth took up the challenge of Vegetables, Herbs and Fruits, and if their words are anything to by, we can be expect some exciting new produce to hit the shelves this space!

Our next meeting on the 29th of March 2010 is our bring a friend evening - so gather your friends and family, even your boss, and join us for a special night.