Giant Leaps, Giant Flights, and a whole lot of Criticism!

What do "A lost limb", "A crashed car", "A collapsed economy", "A destroyed crop" and "a lost job", all have in common?
Well they're all good things of course - since they happened to you.
Of course you might have to dig deep to find the positive in them, but that's exactly what our intrepid Table-topics speakers did when Area H3 Governor Andrew Timberlake led the session. He asked all participants to explain why each of these particular events in their lives was actually a good thing, resulting in some rather delicious and hilarious results!

Before the table-topics began, 3 prepared speakers took the stage and delivered speeches from the Competent Communicator and Advanced manuals. First up was Keith whose speech, titled "Giant Leaps for Mankind" was well rehearsed and excellently presented, in a way only Keith can. As with all of our speeches it is critical to find the passion within them, and this came through in leaps and bounds in Keith's delivery. Another CC under the belt.

Ryan's many years of study in two very different topics, namely digital security and birds, allowed him to merge the two through the breaking story of Winston the Pigeon and his historic flight to deliver 4 GB of data - faster than a Telkom ADSL line. Ryan went through the 3 most critical security risks Winston will face in his forth-coming journeys, and what will be done to mitigate these risks. Some of these included specialised training in the art of Pigeon flirtation and Social Engineering techniques, as well as hiring decoy pigeons from the JKCPES (Japanese Kamikaze Carrier Pigeon Elite Squad) to counter possible hacking attacks from Peregrine Falcons.

Rod's Advanced speech required him to "Respond non-defensively to verbal criticism", and "Defuse the situation." He staged a role-play with his wife Ruth and did exceptionally well to acknowledge her complaints and to garner a mutual understanding! Some of his 'mistakes' included not picking up the dog-poo on the lawn to not following up on Ruth's squeaky brakes - He did an admirable job of defusing the situation and keeping the peace!

Andrew then took the stage and participants in his table-topics did their best to deliver the good, from what appeared to be the bad and the ugly!
Ryan explained why "Losing a limb" was a good thing, whilst Ruth explained why her crashed car was no problem whatsoever. Keith gave us the plusses of a collapsed economy, whilst Cheryl-Lynn explained to the farmer why his destroyed crop would work out very well indeed. Ele found she had more time at home after losing her job, whilst Rod explained to his company's ex-employees why their lives, and the organisations success, would all be significantly improved!

Join us on the 28th of September for our next meeting.
Guests and visitors welcome!