A contest of wits

Transformers Toastmasters Contest
Robin & the contestants!
This past week saw 5 contestants all vying for the top spot in this year's Transformers Toastmasters Humorous Speech Contest. And slug it out they did!

First up was Ruth with her speech entitled TV or not TV. Her speech was based on the CC4 module, "How to say it", and she cleverly used the analogy of watching TV and the particular characters that we and our kids are exposed to on a daily basis. It was a very well chosen topic, and turned out to be the perfect opener for the contest.

Next up was Mary, with her speech entitled, "What's in a name?" She built her story around her name, where it came from and the misunderstanding it created in various parts of the world. As always she put it beautifully together for all of us to enjoy, turning it into a star performance!

Rod was not to be outdone. His speech, entitled "The best medicine", revolved around the use of Laughter as a form of medicine, and the various types there are. He ran through various examples, and invited the audience to participate. At some points it was not clear whether we were laughing for him, with him, or at him...which is exactly why it worked for a humorous speech!

Glenice astounded her audience, before she even took the stage! Her speech title was a mouthful, and contest chair Robin Prowse wasn't going to repeat it. The title? "The subtle complexities of the birding fraternity, during moments of sheer excitement, whilst all around them lack the immediate desire, for further investigation". And who are we to argue! But then she explained...having a bird-crazy family does have it's up and downs - usually more downs than ups, but as it turns out, she's quite enjoying this new pursuit!
Jerry wove his speech around "Procreation or Survival". It was classic Jerry, all humour, all twists and turns, and all very subtly executed. A great performance from one of Transformers all-time humourists!

All in all it was a great evening, and a big thank you goes to all our volunteers who made the night a success.

And the results?

3rd Place: Jerry Goodman
2nd Place: Glenice Ebedes
1st Place: Mary Byrne

Join us on the 14th for our next meeting.
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