The Minister of

Transformers Toastmasters
Explicate - Word of the evening
Transformers' table topics was taken to a new level on Monday when Mary, on the eve of the election, took control of the session and asked all participants/ministers to explain their new portfolio..

Before the new political posts where explicated, (which incidentally was Jerry's word of the evening), John-Peter breezed through his CC2 entitled "Laughter, the best medicine".
Transformers Toastmasters
Clarence, our Minister of Wildlife
Taking great care to provide all the facts and figures to back up his argument, he explained the scientific processes behind some of our bodies reactions during the fight or flight response, and how laughter can help.
Keith's CC5 covered the history of voting, from the States to Britain to New Zealand. Democracy is indeed still young and using his superb informational style he related a number of stats relevant to global elections of the past - a thoroughly enjoyable and informative presentation.

Transformers Toastmasters
John-Peter delivers as Minister of Gardening
The impromptu session saw 7 participants taking on Mary's challenge, explaining their view on their new political portfolios.
And the Ministers were as follows:
Keith - Minister of Happiness and Laughter
Clarence - Minister of Wildlife
John-Peter - Minister of Gardening
Jerry - Minister of Alternate medicine
Glenice - Minister of Dance and Music
Ruth - Minister of Literature
Rod - Minister of Verbal Communications

And the most convincing? John-Peter - the Minister of Gardening!

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