An esoteric gathering

eso·teric (es'o ter'ik)
intended for or understood by only a chosen few

Ele's word of the evening (Esoteric) aptly described the gathering for last nights Transformers meeting.
The theme was origins, and as Toastmaster for the evening I took the opportunity to lead the group down a figurative memory lane of sorts, recalling common phrases and where they originated from.
Phrases such as "As mad as a March hare" from Lewis Carroll's classic 'Alice in Wonderland', as well as to "Pull out all the stops", which relates to organ pipes..

Meanwhile, Kay pulled out all the stops in her first prepared speech in Toastmasters, giving us an eloquent personal story entitled "Daring to dream". She provided a wonderful insight into her dreams and goals for the future, which amongst other things included becoming an inspirational speaker. Her prior debating skills will certainly assist, but we've already been exposed to her powerful impromptu skills, so we're already certain that there's an inspirational speaker here!
Richard went though his humorous speech on "Dating in the new Millennium" in fine style.
One of his stories included a segment on kissing, and the four main types there are; for example, the St Bernard, or the Calcutta Big Hole - sometimes a word is worth a thousand pictures...
Mary's educational session covered speeches in general, and centred on the construction of a great speech. It was another excellent summary from our reigning champion of speech evaluation.
Glenice then took hold of proceedings, with a 'place' dropping exercise. Participants were required to talk about a particular location they had "been to", with some rather exotic names coming to light.
I described the exciting hominid find I made whilst walking the streets of Geneva, whilst Ele started out in Lima Peru, before deftly escorting us to France. Jackie took us through the streets of Harare, introducing us to Bob himself, before Richard projected his best portrayal of an Indian accent, from Mumbai.

Eskom also played a part in the evening's proceedings by bringing the final curtain down just before the end - but this didn't stop Ele, who nimbly handled the grammarian's report by torchlight, providing one of our most comprehensive summaries of an evenings words and phrases that I've certainly ever heard.
And how many members managed to use the word of the evening?
Only those who joined us, will know.

Don't miss our Tall Story evening coming up on the 23rd - as always guests and visitors welcome!