Contest Evening - Booties, bribes, and a bash in the night

Transformers Toastmasters
The transformers competitors 2009
Last nights contest evening once again proved that we all have our own interpretations of a scenario.
This was really brought to the fore in the impromptu contest when the word for the evening, BASH, wore a number of faces as each contestant projected their most powerful memory of it.
The International competition was well attended, with 4 speakers giving their all and an excellent array of subjects to boot.
Glenice started the proceedings off in fine style as she wove her story of booties, bonnets and knitting wool in her speech entitled Simply Sensational. She spoke about knitting and how it can be both a relaxing and productive way of passing those quiet moments, along with allowing you to create something special for yourself or for others. Her combination of humour and insight provided an excellent opening for the evening.
Mary then took to the stage with her story of celebrity and it's use in the most unusual of circumstances. Her story of an ex Big Brother inmate and the use of her 'fame' for financial gain and celebrity status was intriguing and highlighted some of the extraordinary and sometimes morbid encroachments that reality TV has had on our lives.
Jerry took us through a story of the rather unusual bribe he encountered with the law and provided an outstanding example of stage presence and composure. It was an excellent example of speaking for those of us who are still new to the game.
Ryan spoke about the plants around us and how when we engage the same effort for our human relationships as we do for our leafy friends, the results of success and flourishing are strikingly similar.
It was then on to the evaluation contest, with Rod providing an excellent display of vocal variety and gestures for our evaluators to interpret. He recalled stories and anecdotes that many of us have seen or heard before and showed why there is always a reason to use them again. Both Mary and Glenice acquitted themselves exceptionally well in their quest for best evaluator.
As above, the impromptu word was BASH, which allowed a variety of usages by our 5 contestants. Whilst Mary, Simon and Kay chose to discuss the late night bashes (aka parties) they had attended in the past, Glenice took us down a one way street with taxi drivers bashing on the roof of her car, whilst John-Peter arranged an excellent array of usages, including the variant "bashful".
Ryan and Mary took 1st and 2nd respectively in the International contest, whilst Mary continued her winning ways by sweeping both the Evaluation and Impromptu titles. Glenice and Kay finished 2nd and 3rd respectively in the Impromptus, in what was surely a very close race!

Join us for our next meeting on the 9th of March, and don't forget - we have our Tall Story evening coming up on the 23rd in celebration of our 555th meeting. Get those ridiculous, outrageous, and out-of-this-world speeches prepared - it will be an evening not to be missed..