The night communication shone through

Transformers Toastmasters
Ele on her way to best speaker
Here's a snap-survey:
What do a pair of shoes, a record player, an acacia tree and a bicycle have in common?
Answer: Nothing, unless you have a propensity for imagination...
These were some of the Table Topics dished out by Glenice during Monday's Transformers meeting and even our most experienced members were floored by the quality of creative thinking!
Before we delve into them, it would be wise to note the quality of prepared speeches which preceded them.
Buhle led the pack with her first prepared speech in Toastmasters and did a sterling job of informing us about her hair, and her state of being. It was the ideal opener - both for a CC1 and for the evening, and if there were any nerves at the start, they soon dissipated with the onset of applause.
Transformers Toastmasters
Victory Dance - Guest speaker Matt

Here's a question: How many members can claim best speaker with their CC2?
Ele's second speech in Toastmasters was a display of both insight and class. She took us through the Value of Communication and recited facts and figures that were in many cases astounding.
Her use of pause was right on cue, as was her use of "Eschew" - the word of the evening!
A thoroughly deserved best speaker award soon followed.
Rod soon posed a question of a different sort: Am I a fisherman?
His expressions and gestures were fantastic, in a speech that was an intricately woven patchwork of boyhood and fishing memories. He took the audience to all manner of places, before concluding that, No, he wasn't a fisherman, but, "I like to think I'm a fishing Rod!".
Transformers Toastmasters
Kay delivers in the impromptus

Our guest speaker Matt showed outstanding stage presence by taking us through the Victory Dances of those around us. His stories and anecdotes took us from the sales arena, to weddings and sports fields - How many of us choose to dance when we achieve something extraordinary?

Glenice then took control of proceedings - and asked members and guests to explain why they wanted to be a particular item - no small feat considering most were inanimate objects!
But the participants, bless them, came to the party...
Transformers Toastmasters
The wheels of Mary's bicycle come off

Keith somehow made good mileage as a Pair of Shoes, whilst Ruth cut to the chase as a Potato Peeler. Kay's voice shone through when she became a Record Player, just before the wheels of Mary's bicycle came off. Richard showed zip as a fly on the wall before John-Peter provided welcome relief from the heat - as an Acacia Tree.
A more creative and exceptional cast you will not find, with Kay leading the pack for best of the best!

Join us for our Club Contest evening on the 23rd of February.
All guests and visitors are welcome!