Of Food, Phalaropes & Fortune

Transformers Toastmasters
Mzi's 'impromptu' impromptu!
Transformers opened the 2009 season in spectacular fashion when the topics of food, Phalaropes and face-to-face communication filled the evenings proceedings.
In true Transformers style our theme of the evening - "climb every mountain" - provided the ideal platform for those new years wishes. Johns word of the evening "Summit" slotted in just fine with the theme, but what was impressive was the number of members and guests who used it. Ruth managed to top the list with 4, along with providing the driving force for the evening as toastmaster.
Ele's CC1 was one of the highlights of the evening as she took us through the "Things I like".
Her choices? Food, sleep or sex!
She handled this first presentation with aplomb, and her descriptions of lamb shank and other tasty morsels proved to all and sundry that her first choice in life was...yes, you guessed it...food - with sleep and sex both in hot pursuit..
Transformers Toastmasters
Buhle takes on Table Topics
Rod conducted an interview with our 'new' arrival Jackie, originally from Interchange Toastmasters, and whilst it allowed us to gain a little insight into her thoughts on toastmasters, it was her impromptu speech later in the evening that really had all of us on the edge of our seats!
Ryan took us through the passions of other people, in this case weaving the stories of birdwatchers and their many successes and faux pas. He spiced it up with some interesting bird names, including phalaropes and frigatebirds, and concluded that sometimes our passions do overtake our logic - would you really cross a crocodile infested river in search of a bird?!

Mary won the best contribution of the evening with her in depth presentation on toastmasters awards and how to get them - from the Competent Communicator all the way up to the ultimate, the Distiguished Toastmaster. It was certainly enlightening, and put the entire programme into perspective, especially for those of us who are still learning the ropes.

Transformers Toastmasters
Jackie enthralls in the impromptu's
The evening was just warming up though and Cheryl-Lynn was soon putting our guests and members who had yet to take the floor to the test. It must be said that the impromptu's were of a very high standard, with various speakers keeping the audience engaged! As mentioned earlier, Jackie took top honours, in a closely contested race.

Mary's fortune cookies capped a splendid evening - and allowed everyone, in a manner of speaking, to eat their words..

Join us on the 9th of February for our 2nd meeting of 2009.
As always, guests and visitors welcome!