Iron Maiden and the Fiscal Jangle

Transformers Toastmasters
Cheryl-Lynn's monetary idioms
On the eve of Halloween, Rod's word of the evening - Jangle - provided the ideal backdrop for scary monsters and fiscal discipline...
It refers to a metallic sound, or to set ones nerves on edge, but whilst there may have been plenty of economic referrals during Cheryl-Lynn's impromptu session, there were only nerves of steel, or rather iron, during the speeches.

Ruth got the CC's off to a splendid start, with her CC2 story about her recent elephant ride in the Pilansberg. Describing her climb on to its back and the feel of its skin, she made it clear that whilst the worlds largest land mammal may well have been a hairy monster, it was certainly not as scary as originally envisaged.
Rod took the stage with his CC2 and an excellent story of his climb through ice and snow, and how an avalanche nearly ended the lives of a climbing party nearby. His use of adjectives and humour was an example for all to follow.
True to form Mary was an iron pillar of strength as she powered her way through her speech - Iron Lady - on how important blood donations can be to the lives of others. Her discussion on managing the effects of Hemochromatosis (too much iron in the blood) was both enthralling and a lesson for all.

Once again Cheryl-Lynn provided an outstanding theme in her impromptu/table topics session when she asked participants to talk about financially related idioms.
Whilst most were only to happy to break out of the economic stranglehold and explain why spending in these uncertain times was actually a great idea, it was Keith who managed to steal the show, and the title, and walk away with top honours.
He also took home the award for best evaluator for his evaluation of Mary, whilst Mary in turn took the awards for most improved speaker and best speaker of the evening.
With a performance like that, there can be no doubt that we have a president with nerves of steel...Trick, or Treat?

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