The T-Shirt Ice-Breaker

Transformers Toastmasters
Glenice leading the way
Any good Toastmaster will tell you - Opening, three points, close.
But great Toastmasters know just how to keep the theme of those points consistent, and seemlessly link them together.
Which is exactly what Ruth did in Monday evening's meeting as she tackled her CC1 again, and linked all three points by cleverly referring to T-Shirts that had meant something to her before.
She's clearly done this before (!), but produced an outstanding speech either way.
Rod was on form with both his speech and his impromptu, taking home the table topics title which required participants to creatively link their given line to a broadway musical.
The word of the evening - Rigmarole - was used effectively by 4 speakers, whilst Glenice provided much needed insight into Pink Floyd and their walls!

Join us again on the 27th for our next club meeting.

Guests & visitors welcome!