Transformers Wipes the Floor at Area Contest

Yes, literally …… actually figuratively! Transformers Toastmasters come first in both the Humorous Speaking Contest and the Impromptu Speaking Contest in Area H4 this evening.

Congratulations to Matthys Meintjes for winning the Humorous Speaking Contest and to Rod Taylor for winning the Impromptu Speaking Contest. Both these winners will compete in the Division H Contests on 10 October. The winners from those Contests compete at the Toastmasters Conference in Cape Town on 13 October against the best in Southern Africa.

It was a well organised contest this evening at Da Vincenzo’s Restaurant in Sunninghill. Wayne Perry as Contest Chairman fulfilled the role given him by Area H4 Governor, René Schoeman, and figuratively took the plane aloft and landed it again safely. Wayne always has a host of dry, oh, so dry, jokes up his sleeve and no one is spared. René and her team ensured that the evening flowed like clockwork, trays of snacks arriving at the moment the recess was called. We feasted on pizza slices and delicious salad. The raffle this evening, sponsored by Bytes SI, had delved deep into their stock of good wines and chocolates and four very fortunate people went home with prizes worth the R20 for 3 tickets price and much more.

The four Toastmasters Clubs in Area H4 had a contestant representing them in each of the two contests. The humorous prepared speeches were very entertaining and had been well prepared. Matthys’ winning speech told the tale of his humbling experience of leaning to fly-fish for trout. He did not bring home the fish for dinner as he had boasted he would, but he learned not to underestimate that which at first sight seems inferior to yourself. Second was Keelan Naidoo of Morningside Toastmasters Club with his love disappointment in the Saga of gym-buddy. Know that a girl who wants a boy as gym-buddy has a boyfriend lurking in the background. Barbara Poultney of Sandton Toastmasters Club warned us to be prepared when facing nature because she can be treacherous and a pleasant scramble up a mountain can turn into a race for life. Jacques Beard of Business Engage Toastmasters Club engaged us with the humour of a family of four sons.

The impromptu speeches on the word “spring” were seasonal and uplifting. Rod, in his winning speech challenged every able-bodied person to use their given talents and dig as deep as the Paralympics competitors have done and we would all achieve gold in our own right.

Chocolates in hand for everyone who had helped in one role or another, we went home well satisfied on a job well done.