Star of Africa event raffle

What would an event be without the possibility of winning amazing prizes? Our 750th club meeting Star of Africa is no different. We have three fabulous prizes on offer.

First prize: the hardcover book "The Nature of Diamonds" by George E Harlow signed and with a message by the author (available on Amazon at $74.88)

We all know “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend”. That is a tagline for which we have Harry Oppenheimer to thank. De Beers was one of the world’s top marketing companies in its time.

Diamonds were known to be found in river beds, especially from India. They were rare, with an Oriental allure, and therefore costly. The name derives from the Greek, meaning unalterable or unbreakable and diamonds are the hardest natural material on earth.

When diamonds were first discovered in South Africa they were found in the Orange River, which is where everyone expected diamonds to be found. Then diamonds were discovered in loose ground near Kimberley. This was quite unexpected.

The rock in which diamonds occur is called kimberlite (named after Kimberley – viva South Africa). Scientists have learned that kimberlite volcanoes are the deepest volcanoes on earth, in other words, their origin is from deeper in the earth than any other volcano. Also, kimberlite volcanoes are very explosive, meaning they erupt very quickly before the rocks that they are carrying has all molten. This is very exciting because kimberlites tell us what the earth is like below 150km under the earth’s surface. And diamonds are stable only below 150km in the earth. Yes, this means that diamonds are not stable at the earth’s surface. However, the amount of energy required for them to change to graphite, their stable form, is more than in available while the diamond is in a ring on your finger. So diamonds will remain diamonds forever!

There are a number of very intelligent scientist who study diamonds and other rocks brought up by kimberlites nearly unscathed. Every few years these scientists get together at an International Kimberlite Conferences (IKC) and deliver erudite papers that even a normal geologist in the diamond mining industry cannot understand. This very week 18-22 September 2017 these scientists have gathered in Botswana for the 11th IKC.

In the mid-1990’s the 7th) IKC was hosted by the University of Cape Town and De Beers arranged some of the pre- and post-conference field trips for these amazing brains. I, John-Peter, was tasked with taking a group of these scientists to all the old, disused diamond mines where it is known that fragments of the earth Mantle rocks (100-2900km) – called mantle nodes – can be found in the mine dumps. One of the eminent scientist on the trip was George E. Harlow, Department of Earth & Environments Sciences, Columbia University, curator of the American Museum of Natural History, New York. He had brought copies of the book he had recently published to the conference and after the field trip, he and every other world scientist on the trip signed the book.

Second Prize: Manor Luxe Bling Diamond Engagement Ring Napkin Rings (Set of 4) valued at $55.

Third Prize: a bottle of 2012 Pulpit Rock Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve winner of the Gran D'Or 2014 Michelangelo International Wine and Spirit Award (out of stock at R99.50 per bottle).

Tasting Notes: Deep red color with very intense violet reflections. Aromas of ripe red fruits, chocolate and some vanilla with an elegant minerality. Mouth feel shows good volume and round, sweet, persistent tannins. 
Ticket Prices: With three such fabulous prizes on offer our ticket prices are only 




 on sale at the meeting during the three recesses.

Star of Africa

Published author in our midst

Transformers Toastmasters Club is proud to recognise one of our members as a published author. Njabulo started Toastmasters while still at university in 2012 and transferred to our club when he moved to Johannesburg. I think he would credit his father for his courage to succeed, and he will also speak of the role the Toastmasters programme has played in his achievements.


Kirstin Bosworth on conflict management skills

Have a look at this video of Kirstin Bosworth on the TV show Mokapelo. Kirstin is our Club President for 2017-18 and has used the leadership skills learned through Toastmasters to shape her professional work.